iPhone SE 2016 1st generation EXIF bug

Apple has changed the name of the 2016 iPhone SE camera model in EXIF data from “iPhone SE” to “iPhone SE (1st generation)”. This means DxO PhotoLab won’t support the files unless the camera model EXIF is edited back to the original.

I have submitted a ticket on a related issue regarding the optics module for the two iPhone SE cameras. There definitely seems to be a mix up there. As far as I know, only the module for the first generation (2016) iPhone SE is currently available. I have the second generation (2020), but PL4 is offering to download what I assume is the first generation module. This was also a problem in PL3 but that was straightened out. Your problem is different but I bet the solution is related.

DxO support has provided some information on my issue. As expected, my problem was indeed created by Apple when they changed the EXIF data sometime this spring. The EXIF data for images from my iPhone SE (2020) now gives iPhone SE (2nd generation) and PL4 does NOT suggest an optics module. This is the correct behavior in that none is currently available. Perhaps a new module is in the works as the 2020 phone was tested by DxO in November. Earlier Images from my 2020 phone had iPhone SE in the EXIF data and PL incorrectly offered the 2016 module for download. Your problem seems a bit different and you might want to contact DxO support directly before editing your EXIF data. I’m very surprised that EXIF data iPhone (1st generation) does not result in PL offering the 2016 optics module. Have you tried processing any images recently?

I help myself updating the Model field in EXIF-data bck to original “iPhone SE” with an EXIF Editor (Exif Pilot). This is useful on just few pics but not many. When will there be a solution by DXO?