iPhone RAW Support. Why Does DXO Not have it?

Why does DXO not support working with iPhone 13 and higher RAW files? Very frustrating since I’m shooting the iPhone cameras more and more. Anybody else want support for iPhone RAW files?

If you mean the ProRAW files, from my understanding, it is because they are not true RAW files and they have already been demosaïced and processed and held in a DNG wrapper along with processing metadata

Apple ProRAW is not like a conventional RAW file.
It has a lot more information. So for DxO to support it it will ask some time and ressources to develop all the necessary new tools to handle the new informations.
A bit similar to the support of the Fuji sensors, they had to create a special algorithm.

I wish DxO would handle ProRAW but I guess it will not happen anytime soon.
I will use a different app, maybe for iPad or iPad+Mac. It will not bother me since iPhone photos are still far from the results we get from a DSLR or Hybrid camera.

Here you can get an idea in this article I quickly read (I am sure there are other articles available).

I found this one Understanding ProRAW – Lux

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The OP is an accomplished photographer who asked about RAW not ProRaw.

Well sorry then.

So what kind of file is an

please ?

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The third-party kind like the kind mentioned in that article you referenced.

Which talks about ProRAW images held in the new DNG 1.6 file that was introduced with the iPhone 12.

As we said, this is not a true RAW file as we know them but also contains all sorts of adjustment and masking information.

This means a similar rewriting of the “de-RAWing” code that was needed for Fuji X-trans files.

I did notice that the author talks about including all sorts of other metadata tha would otherwise have been put in XMP sidecar files - something I have been doing with regular RAW files for years now.

I was referring to the third-party apps like ProCamera, Halide, CameraPixels, etc., which do enable the capture of raw (not ProRaw) images. This was the also the point of the introductory discussion in the article in question which then goes on to contrast raw and ProRaw. It should also be pointed out that non-Pro model iPhones do not even have ProRaw capability.

The question posed by the OP is similar to the literally hundreds of posts here regarding DxO’s plans (if any) for iPhone raw, ProRaw, and HEIC image files. And ditto the raw and semi-raw image files produced by some of the other superb smartphones. In this regard, far more informative is the article referenced by Joanna which gives a candid assessment of the practical problems which developers face when most of the underlying in-camera computational operations are, and will remain, a “secret sauce”.

Okay thanks for the explanation.