iOS version

It’s probably totally unrealistic, but I would really like a version that runs on my iPad Pro. It’s now my main editing platform and I would really like using the pencil to move control points…

Glad to see someone else thought about it too. I would absolutely love to have Nik software available for the iPad Pro. For a starter, ColorEfex Pro and SilverEfex Pro would be fantastic.

Any plans about that by DXO?

Out of curiosity, can you calibrate the screen of an ipad?

No. At least I don’t know a way to do it.

On the other hand, any editing I have done so far on my iPad did turn out to be alright on my PC for further editing or printing.

Have a look at Snapseed. It might be all you need…

I have Snapseed and I am using it. It has some nice filters from Nik, however it’s a limited subset of what’s available on Nik. It would have become an even better editing software if it had u-point local adjustments in addition to brush tool in layers, and more filters from ColorEffex Pro. Just my 2 cents.

What if Affinity photo on iOS could make use of plugins like NIK ?
I have no idea if it is possible with « minimum » efforts from DxO.
We probably do not need a standalone iOS Nik version, do we ?

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@m-photo That would be amazing. Maybe the Apple Catalyst project could help DXO to port the NIK code somewhat easily to iOS.

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We need to ask Affinity if they will support plugins on iOS, I hope so !