Inverted Mask not working (PL 5.5)

There is a bug when using local adjustments, the inverted masks do not work for me.

I want to create a vignette with darkened corners to my picture. I create a U-Point in the center of the image, with Chrominance and Luma set to 0. Now I click on invert mask. When I display the mask (with key β€œM”), all seems to be correct, the edges of the mask are white, the center dark. However, as soon as I adjust the exposure of that U-Point, the mask is changing and it seems that Chrominance and Luma are not set to 0 anymore but back to default values (in the GUI, it is still displaying as 0, but the mask is obviously incorrect).

I have not used that feature much, but I think that has been working before, I don’t know when this behaviour appeared.

Edit: I have just restarted PhotoLab and now it is working fine again. Before restarting, I have also not been able to delete any control points anymore. I will monitor if this behaviour will occur again.

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