Interaction between HSL and WB

The new HSL tool works well unless I change white balance too much. If I do, I cannot select an area (e.g. the sky) to change its colour the same as if I don’t change the WB.

Under Camera WB, I can select the sky and turn it any colour I want, so far so good.
When I now change WB to give the unmodified parts of the image a different look, the sky will be “lost” and I have to turn the inner colour segment of the wheel only to find that I cannot get all the sky again, if I have set WB to 10’000 (as an example). Is there any way around this without having to add masks manually?

Camera WB

WB at 10’000


If you use the white dot and change this a bit do you overwrite the WB setting?

HSL and WB are grabbing and poking in the same pool.

The white dot has a different function as the other eight. And i looks a bit as a WB controler to give it filter of blue violet yellow and such like you can on your lens i suppose.

I played a bit with that tool and without changing wb from camera so i didn’t bumb in your issue before.

…the issue arises only if the white balance is changed considerably, smaller changes of a few 100 Kelvin don’t seem to interfere much.

Got time to see your problem and maybe it’s a certain image which have this issue?

i did here i think the same as you. (win 10 )

Oh and the 9 channels can all act as white channel
I could counter act on the effect from a full rotated “green” with white.
Useles to do but it can to understand the effects and lenght of your adjusting possibilities.

Edit: it’s main purpose is i think This kind of use (video)

Changing colors of objects and create post filters


Does it depend on the order you do it? You seem to be modifying WB after you modify the color. If you modify WB first do you get the same results?


No, it does not matter.

Thanks. I don’t have the time right now, but I will test it myself later to get an idea of the limitations. It looks like you are running on a Mac. Are you on Catalina? I’m on Windows 10. I wonder if this could be a platform related glitch. I won’t have time to play with this until tonight. Its currently only 11:20 AM here.


The source color of the HSL tool is the color after WB has been applied. If WB is changed so much that the source color is out of the selected range in the HSL tool than it will have an influence.

The order doesn’t matter since PL works non-destructively. But obviously WB is applied by the processing before HSL.

As far as I can tell WB is also applied before tone curves (which makes sense).

Tone curves seem to be applied before the HSL tool, and that is relevant: If I carefully select a color range in the HSL tool and then decide to manipulate the tone curves, affecting the same color, then the HSL effect must be adjusted.

So HSL is something that should probably be applied very late in the processing when overall colors and mood of the picture are close to the final result.

Note that the order in the palettes have no influence on the internal processing. For better understanding and because it makes sense in the workflow I position WB as the first tool. I put Tone curves and HSL in this order on a separate palette.