Integration with Lightroom off with DxO Wide gamut

The lightroom interpretation of DxO Wide gamut does not match the original RAW file
Currently the only way to have matching colours is to use the legacy rendering
Export to photoshop works as there is an option in the export to conform
It would be good to have the option to change the gamut on export to lightroom otherwise the integration fails

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There are several ways to exchange files between DPL and LrC. Which one are you referring to and what exactly are image settings when you send a file from A to D or D to A?

Colour work is best done as metadata: In one app only. In my case, it’s either Lightroom or PhotoLab, depending on which one is the one I choose as the exporting app.

Am not doing any colour work I am simply sending the image to lightroom and DNG using only lens correction and noise reduction
The program does not have an option to say which gamut to use and it looks like it takes what is on the screen so it Photolab is set to Wide gamut the colors are off in lightroom
I only use photolab for noise reduction and lens corrections all the rest I do in adobe

Hi, please be aware that there are several topics currently open to discuss this problem:

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From my point of view this is a feature request the gamut has to be added to the export window

After exporting a .dng from PL6.1.1 and looking at the images within PL6 there is a big difference. between my RAW .cr3 and the dng. So I would expect LR to show a difference. This is with “Denoise and Optical Corrections Only” on the export.

I believe the latest posts on these threads were all before the new version PL6.1.1 that was supposed to fix the differences.

Nope once you set the lens corrections propertly and vignetting correction to off there is practically zero difference when you use legacy option
the new wide gamut is problematic

Thanks. I have been under the impression that color space selection did not apply when I select 'Denoise and Optical Corrections Only". I just tested it and obviously that was a wrong assumption. :frowning: