Integration w/ PL

Is there some way that VP integrates in PL? I just installed VP and looked for it but, unlike, NiK and FP, VP isn’t obvious if it’s integrated.

Yes, it integrates completely. If everything installed correctly you should see the DXO Viewpoint palette listed as a separate choice in the Palette menu, as well as 3 perspective icons in the tool bar between the Horizon and Repair icons


Thanks for the reply. I was about to withdraw the question.

“Some days I amaze even me. Some days I can’t find my phone while I’m using it”. The latter part of that applies here. Off to find my keyboard…

You are not alone on that, especially these days when we’re all distracted.


I’m sorry. What was that you were saying? LOL LOL

Hmmm… Anyway to install it incorrectly? :roll_eyes: I just let my PC install it, is it doing it wrong? :thinking:

Is at the top of PL, isn’t it? :shushing_face: If DXO PL is installed, shouldn’t VP be able to install itself in the right place…? :unamused:

There are lots of things that can go wrong in a software installation. There is always the potential of memory corruption, hardware issues, software/operating system compatibility issues, installation issues, and user error. That is why many software packages, including Photolab, have a corrective reinstall feature which attempts to resolve some of these issues. Problems may not occur often, but they certainly do occur.


I never do anything wrong, and my computer is smarter than me, so it MUST b the DXO interface, or whatever u call it. :face_with_monocle:However, after reinstalling VP, my intelligent computer managed to push VP into PL 3, and NOW, it works! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: