Integration of Film Curve Profiles in DxO PureRaw for Enhanced DNG Pre-Processing Workflow

Good day,

I would like to request the following feature enhancement. Currently, Capture One does not support changing the Film Curve (film simulations based on the camera profile) for DNG files after they have been pre-processed in PureRaw. While it’s possible to apply a film profile later using DxO FilmPack or to create a DNG file with the desired simulation using DxO Photolab, I would greatly appreciate the ability to select a profile directly in DxO PureRaw.

For example, I shoot with a Fuji camera and am fond of the Pro Neg Hi profile. If this feature were available, I could select this profile in DxO PureRaw, pre-process a large number of files at once to obtain DNGs, and then proceed to edit them in Capture One. This functionality would streamline the workflow significantly.

Thank you for considering this request.

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why do you assume that DxO is at fault here… I converted RAF to linear DNG using Adobe DNG converter, opened it then in C1 build 16.xxxx and NO, just like with linear DNG from DxO PL I am not able to apply “film emulations” in C1 ( I can selected them but nothing happens, so they are not applied really )… so the matter is not with DxO, the matter is with C1

do you see any RAF to DNG converter whatsoever where C1 can apply “film emulations” to DNG file converted from RAF ? I tried Iridient X-Trasformer - there also C1 does not work …

I am not saying that this is a problem specific to DxO PureRaw. It’s an issue with how C1 works with linear RAW files (DNG Raw).

However, if film emulations are applied before converting the RAF file into DNG, the color profile will be successfully applied, and it will still not be changeable in C1.

I have tried using DxO Photolab, where it is possible to change the Color/BW Rendering values, apply the desired noise reduction, and then export all changes into a DNG file. When opening these DNG files in C1, I notice a difference in color. The problem is that Photolab is not very suitable for reportage or event shooting, where one might need to process 300-400 files in a tight timeframe. That’s why I am requesting the addition of similar functionality in PureRaw.

it does not really matter what you do with linear DNG in DxO - for C1 it is all the same in terms of not allowing you to select fuji film emulation to be actually applied , so “however” it is irrelevant

and why is that ? what prevents you from applying the same settings / same preset ( even with better control vs pureraw ) to “process 300-400 files in a tight timeframe” in PhotoLab in a batch mode ?

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