Integration of DeepPrime algorithms into Nik Define

I am not sure if this is feasible or not as DeepPrime works on RAW files in PL4, but I wonder if it is possible to improve Nik Define to use DeepPrime algorithms?

Happy to be shot down on this, but I thought it was worth exploring :slight_smile:

Hi Mark,

If you have both products, you don’t need this feature since denoising will have already been applied to the TIFF or JPEG file that will be sent to the Nik plugin.

For those who only work with non-RAW files or who don’t have DPL, I understand that having the possibility to denoise their images with DeepPrime would be nice, but I think that the DPL algorithms are not relevant for raster files. Up to the dev. team to confirm.

Hello, I was thinking more of when I use Nik plugins in other applications, for example from Capture One. I could of course export from Capture One to PL4, do the noise reduction and whatever else, then bring back into Capture One but that sort of makes Nik Define redundant.

Nik Define was ahead of the curve when it came out, but it is a bit out of date when compared to Deep Prime or DenoiseAI, there is maybe an opportunity for Dxo to update Define and bring it into the 2020’s standard of noise reduction.

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Deep prime as you can read on other thread works on RAW while demosaicing and usually see the results in the small window or after export, this might be an issue with Nik as it works only on jpeg and tiff.
I thought of that before, as there is 2 different Nik Dfine, raw and output sharpening, but never even bother looking at the first one. If Prime could be integrated with output sharpening, that could have a good side, mostly Ps user not PL users.

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Yes, it may be the case that DeepPrime algorithms only work on Raw. I am the opposite, I did use to use Define to do my noise reduction, I was on Lightroom at the time and Define’s noise reduction at the time was better than the Lightroom offering. I don’t use output sharpening often because I don’t tend to print my shots.

In my own testing I have seen that Define has now fallen behind the pack and if the functionality from PL4 could be incorporated then it may be a good addition for those that only have Nik tools but also would be useful for pixel editor users like Photoshop or Affinity as the noise reduction could be put on a new layer, I don’t think this can be done through output to PL4 as has been discussed it only works with Raw.

We shall wait and see what the dev team say.

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I have been looking at various Noise Reduction solutions and see that Dfine is being left behind. As I am a Fuji owner I am restricted to using Nik Collection solutions. It would be good to hear from the Development Team whether developments are planned for DFine or perhaps for Fuji RAF files in PhotoLab. If not, I’ll have to look at alternatives.

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