Integration Fujifilm X-T5 ( and X-H2)

The brand new Fujifilm X-T5 is coming to customers in two weeks. Since the sensor is identical to the X-H2 sensor, integration should progress quickly. What do you think?

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I don’t know your definition of quickly. Despite your indication that the sensor is identical to the X-H2 It is highly unlikely that DXO will support the new X-T5 until they’ve had a chance to acquire a copy of it and test it. if I had to guess, I would say it would be implemented in one to three months, probably closer to three. I would look for mid December at the earliest with mid-January more likely.


dozens of youtubers have been testing the X-T5 for a month. And I think Fuji will also make it available to DXO in time.

Hopefully that will be the case, but I based my earlier post on DxO’s historical approach to adding new camera bodies.


I am not sure why DXO is so far behind (support for RAF out of the XT 5), but I know they are as I have tested several other applications that supported it out the door.

It just seems a shame that DXO did not, as It is the best post processing app for fuji cameras and out shines all the others in its capabilities.

The only approach I have found it convert to the RAF file into a common format (i.e., like TIFF) and bring them into DXO PhotoLab 6, that way.

As a recent owner of a X-T5, I’ll add my vote to this feature request :slight_smile:

For now I can do edit the X-T5 raw files in RAW Power. Will almost patiently wait for support in DxO PhotoLab too. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello, thank you for your enquiries. Please check DxO PhotoLab - New Optic Modules released and Cameras & Lenses support (5 October 2022 update) - #201 by Marie for more details about new cameras support.

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Hello @Cecile-C,

Based on the number of your recent posts, it appears that you are now the primary DxO support contact on this site. Welcome!.



@mwsilvers Hello Mark, Thank you for your warm welcome!! I will share it with my coworkers from DxO Support @Barbara-S @Tiziano-R and @Fabrice-B

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Fujifilm X-T5 raw files are supported in DxO PhotoLab 6.2.0 (and I believe in the latest update of PhotoLab 5 too).