Integrate Forums with main DxO site and, possibly, user store account

I’d really like to see the forum integrated with the main DxO site (at the very least, with a link back), rather than having to manually change the URL or save multiple favorites. Between the main DxO site, the user’s account in the Store, and the Forums, there is a very disconnected feel. Greater integration would create greater ease of use and cohesiveness (and maybe even a bit of end-user pride to feel everything is more thoughtfully integrated). I mentioned this somewhere before but I’m not finding it under this particular section so I thought I would mention it here.

Thanks for considering!


Good morning @c.gephart ,

Thank you for the suggestion. Let me ask @StevenL to have a look at it.

Svetlana G.

Thanks, Svetlana

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I would like to ask that this not be done until the problems I’ve been having signing in at the main DxO site get resolved. I and some other users have been unable to log on to the Store for a very long time now. Attempting to do so results in nothing - just a repeat of the login prompt. I also can’t see my support requests at the Support page: I’m not even given a prompt to log in there.

Not putting all of one’s eggs in one basket seems wise to me.


I agree Greg. I can log in ok but I’ve read the situation you have had for some time now. Looks like they have more work to do in that area.


I can log in at the store site ( now. I had to delete all cookies in my browser settings. I still can’t access my open support requests, however - which takes me to the store web site from I also cleared the cache when restarting the browser - that had no effect.

That calls the store site for open support tickets and then reports, “This page is temporarily unavailable” - and has been doing this all year - is mystifying and seems to be a logic problem on DxO’s side of things, not just a random web browser issue.