Integrate fine contrast in PhotoLab.

I try filmpack in DxO PhotoLab. I have not made a photo in film, and am not interested in this module. However, an interesting tool is present the fine contrast, it would be interesting to find this tool in PhotoLab, without buying FilmPack.
Thank you, Christophe

Given that this request is from 2019, I don’t expect any change any time soon, but I thought I would at least give this feature request one vote. Why it has no votes is a mystery.

The lack of votes is likely due to the fact that most users who do not have FilmPack are unaware of the fine contrast sliders or how useful and important these four sliders are. Those of us that do have a FilmPack license already have access to them. I also suspect many users of PhotoLab with a FilmPack license are not even aware that the fine contrast sliders require FilmPack.


Good point!