Installation without Internet

It would be very good if it’s possible to install the Nik Collection without Internet like in the previous non-DxO-versions. Please do it!

Why should this be possible?

Because I can use the Nik Collection with a PC without Internet as I do.
I purchased the current DxO Nik Collection in July, and at this time there was a help website saying you can install the downloaded exe on a PC without internet. But sadly this was only for the older versions, DxO payed my money back. But that’s sad, because my workflow is on a PC without internet and I want this as long as it’s possible. I register at DxO, I want to pay, I give you feedback, thats all no problem. But please give me an exe-file to install without internet, that would be fine.

I know not many users want this, but why not making a exe file for getting on request?

Unfortunately no longer possible to manually download lens modules.
My work computer is always offline for reasons of security (this says my boss !!!). For the web we use only tablet or smartrphone and this news is really very problematic