Installation on Mac Catalina and Affinity Photo

Hi, I’m a UK author/photographer new to the forum and to Nik Collection. I am attempting to install Nik Collection to use within Affinity Photo.

  • The Nik Collection is in the default folder (visible also by using the default folder button in the Affinity Prefs)
  • I can see the complete Nik Collection list in Affinity Photo Filters, but greyed out, even with an image open and pixel layer selected
  • The Affinity Preferences show most Nik apps as ‘unknown’ but ‘Allow unknown plugins to be used’ is checked
  • The Affinity Prefs pane has a button for ‘Authorise global’ but this is greyed out (I read somewhere that it should be checked but I cannot find a way to do this)
  • I have done various restarts of the Affinity Photo app and of the system to no avail.
  • I have gone through the installation process 3x now
  • I have contacted DxO Support but nothing coming back to me yet
  • I have run out of things to try or to check and I need a steer on this!

Have you tried this:

The installer was not creating a DxO folder for the collection — which is apparently what the program searches for. A slightly revised download and installer corrected this.