Installation of PL3 on Mac

anything to take care off? Will it replace the other version? Will it modify existing .dop files? Maybe someone has already an experience.

Also I wanted to know if we can install the trial alongside the PL2 ?

Are the performance improved?

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Sorry I am on holidays and struggling with my MBP. Its a .dmg and no installer inside, just drag and drop to the app folder. Will sit than next to PL2. So no problem running it along the old version.

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Yes, you can install it side by side but beware that:

  • sidecars created in DPL3 can not be read by DPL2
  • changes you made in DPL3 i.e with HSL might not be readable by DPL2

Wondering this as well. Just ended my PL2 trial. Can I start the trial of PL3, before buying it? Want to make sure it’s running smoothly on Catalina

Robert, as mentioned above. Install Catalina on a separate partition and test

…sound advice. Yet, DxO both says that DPL 3 runs on Catalina (check their download page) and also that it does not necessarily run in Catalina (check posts here)…
Apart fron DPL, you might use other software that might not run on Catalina, because they are 32-bit apps.

I recommend that you clone your drive to an external drive and upgrade the external drive to Catalina. Like this, you can check that all things work as expected. If they do, create another clone of your to-be-updated drive and set it aside. Update and check if all things work as expected. Keep that second clone until you feel totally confident that things work well.