Installation of Nik 4

I am thinking of purchasing Nik 4 for my current iMac (Late 2015) and i would like to know if i purchase it now (There is a discount at £88.99) and use it on the iMac can i Re install the App on a new iMac 24" M1
which i am planning on purchasing at the end of October/November or is it best to wait to purchase the Software when i have the new machine.
Does the software download link stay in my account so that i can use the same installer for both machines ?

From the license agreement that can be found here EULA - Nik Collection we can extract the following:

2.1 Subject to (i) for Commercial Versions of the Software, payment in full of the amount set-out in the Invoice and (ii) for the Trial Versions of the Software, compliance with the Restrictions indicated during the download, we grant you a single user, non-exclusive and non-transferable license to:
(a) use the copy of the Software and the Documentation in the version set out either in the Invoice or during the download and in the Designated Environment for your sole own personal needs;
(b) make a full and complete copy of the Software and Documentation for archival or re-build purposes only (limited to a maximum of one copy per License), provided that this copy of the Software will be subject to the terms of this Agreement;
(c) make a secondary copy of the Software for your portable computer provided that (i) its usage is not concurrent with the use of the Software on the Designated Environment and (ii) this copy of the Software will be subject to the terms of this Agreement.

My own understanding of the above is, that you can install the software on two computers (but not use them at the same time) and have one backup.

If you buy the discounted license now, install Nik on your old iMac and on the new iMac in a few weeks time, you’ve consumed your license! You could buy the license now and NOT install it on the old iMac, which will allow you to install later on the new iMac plus a laptop, should you later decide to do so.


  • DxO has no easy means to shift licenses around like e.g. Adobe, where you can (de-)authorize computers in the account, so be careful and think before acting.
  • Download the free 30 day trial and see if it does what you expect from it. Don’t trust reviews blindly.

CAVEAT: Read the license yourself and draw your own conclusions.

Hi Platypus,
Many thanks for the reply and advice.
I received an Email from DXO support yesterday and they said i can uninstall the software and install on the new iMac.
I went ahead and made the purchase and have installed on my old iMac as i’m not quite sure when i will be getting the new iMac so will get some use of the software straight away.
I hopefully won’t be looking to install on any other machine afterwards as i don’t use a laptop etc

Regards Adrian