Install/Uninstall Problems in Win 11

Running Win 11. Installed all of my other DxO products with no issues (PhotoLab 5, FilmPack 6, Viewpoint 3). Installed Nik Collection 4, and it seemed to go ok, but PhotoLab 5 does not recognize it as being installed. Since I had done the collection before I did PhotoLab, I presumed it might not be in the right directory. So I tried to Uninstall Nik Collection, but while the uninstall gets about 80% done it then says there is a missing program and so it can’t finish the uninstall. If I try to install over it, it says I’ve already installed.


Better to uninstall from windows (don’t know Win11). To recognize Nik collection by PL, it has to be on your machine. → Reinstall (repair) your PL 5 installation.

Support was able to point me to a MS tool for repairing the registry so that I could do the uninstall. So it took a bit of finagling, but did eventually get what I needed :slight_smile:

Dear @EwanRGR Ewan,

could you post the name or link of/to the MS tool?

Tool is called:

Hope that helps!


Dear Ewan,

I’ve downloaded and will give it atry if some problems occur.

For all Fix problems that block programs from being installed or removed (

Thanks a lot and enjoy weekend