Install Option: Don't Remove Previous Version

Currently, Nik’s installer will overwrite/remove a previous version of Nik Collection.

I propose that the installer be enhanced with an option to leave previous versions of Nik untouched.

I voted for it, but I suspect there may be technical reasons, or perhaps licensing reasons for the default deletion of the previous version.


Maybe there is a reason why it’s handled as it is. I still don’t like the approach though and would like DxO to create that possibility, which might also necessitate a decent version numbering scheme.

From a technical point of view, parallel installation is feasible. It’s easy to create if you can live with standalone apps, I’ve also tried it including the plugin functionality. It was not too complicated and worked until the next update came along.

From a license point of view, I can’t see why DxO should be unable to do it, after all, they bought the product, didn’t they!

On a Mac you have time machine to go back to a previous installation. I prefer this, opposite to every time decide which current or old versions I want to use. And also, if the “new version” is just a new bag of bugs, to sweep them completely from the program directory. Nobody forbid you keeping old downloads, but some apps also need to refresh a database and then you’re already forced to make a decision or keep redudant duplicates.

Reminds me to delete PL4, thanks.

I have no problems deciding such things…moreover, I’m talking about versions that are installed with an installer. Updates sneak in without an installer.

Restoring from time machine… Good idea, but have you checked how Nik is scattered all over your drive? No problem if you only want to restore the Nik Collection folder only, but getting the respective presets, settings, plugins etc. back takes some time.

I have no NIK, as PL5 + FP is already coming with all bells and whistles which I very probably will never need :grin: Come on, NIK went from NIK to Google and then to DxO - do you know any app which really became better with this kind of hölliday trips?

:rofl: - establishing some kind of corporate structure is the least I expect, but maybe that this (mess) is already it.

Mark, let’s stop collectively making excuses in advance for DxO’s failings. The current install situation where customers/victims lost access to Nik Collection (as version 4 worked with less than half the software with which version 3 works) is almost unforgivable.

Fans of Nik Collection should be warned that Nik Collection is no longer on the home page of v4 was such a catastrophe both in terms of functionality and buyer experience, hiding it is not a bad idea.

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I’m not excusing DxO. I did vote for this. I was just indicating my complete ignorance about whether there might be some legitimate reason for this behavior.


Your heart and your vote is in the right place.