Install of PL3 over PL2?


  • do I have to use a fresh and new folder for the PL3 installation if PL2 already is istalled or is it possible to use the same destination?
  • will PL3 overwrite PL2 sidecar files in the way of no way to return?

Photolab3 does a new install next to the old plv2 no need to delete first photolab v2.
it does the install in a new seperate folder automatic.

yes, two ways to avoid this:
1 turn off saving/writing in preference of plv3 of the sidecars. (only use DataBase for the first tryouts.)
2 copy sidecars from imagefolder in a subfolder to backup the v2 versions. (so you can restore the sidecar if needed.)
I did both when being playing with V3. it can’t harm to have a backup sidecare of v2 before starting V3.

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NEVER install a new major version of DxO PhotoLab into a folder where any previous major version is installed. Sometimes it can prevent you from running the new version because it will crash at startup.

However, both DxO PhotoLab 2 and DxO PhotoLab 3 can exist side by side on the same system, if they are installed in separate folders.

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Thank you, both of you!