Install Nik4 to Nik6; Will it keep my personal presets?

I have the Nik 4 package. I’m going to buy the Nik 6. By installing the new Nik 6, will I lose my presets, for example on the Silver Efex Pro 3 or are they automatically migrated to version 6? Thank you very much.
(I’m not talking about the trial version but a definitive version)

backup your preset, better be safe than sorry.

I think you’re right.
On Mac they are in (example):
Mac HD>User>Library>Preferences>DxO>Silver Efex Pro 3>UserPresets - are a Set of files with a .json extension and the names I gave it.
I think it is enough to copy and save this folder with these files and after the installation if they do not automatically migrate to version 6, I will copy this folder to the new location. has something to say about it:

The following page could be of interest too:

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Thank you very much. These articles are helpful.
This one too:

However it says the files are of type “.np” when in fact they are “.json”.
And I can’t find the “Export all” function at least in the Nik 4 package. One by one, just works.

It kept my presets and favorites Macbook pro m1 and ps 2023). You should export them just to be safe though. You will not be able to edit silver effects pro 3 plugin smart objects in ps.

Thanks for the tip .-)