Install Nik Into a Custom Folder

This is more of a feedback/bug report thread than feature request. Nevertheless, here it comes:

Installing the NIK Collection, the folder, into which Nik will be installed can be changed.

When I do this, the installer will put the Nik apps in my custom folder and add a second folder with standard name and aliases of the actual Nik apps. Updates follow that same path.

Proposal: Follow custom install directions without adding the standard folder.

Note: I’ve commented this before, but did not find the respective post.

Hi platypus, when I install the NIKC it always goes to the application folder and there inside the Nik Collection folder, which exists there since my first install. And if I get it right, your installer creates a snd folder with aliases? Sounds strange. Besides that, on Mac you can move your app anywhere you want. But maybe I misunderstood you.

Ok, now I got it. And yes, why this? Never tried to install in a custom folder. Only DXO with such behaviour? Only way seems to trash this alias folder afterwards. But indeed, unnecessary.

During installation, you can select a folder of your choice, e.g. to keep several versions of NIK on your Mac. Recent installers seem to struggle with this possibility, even though it is still offered.

I had Nik versions in /Applications/Nik v3/, /Applications/Nik v4/ etc. (without caring about the plugins)…but Nik5 insists on adding a default install folder with the aliases.