Insta360 Raw File Support

I have recently bought into the Insta360 ecosystem. And was happy that the cameras are smart enough to offer RAW files for some of the methods of capture. I was surprised that DXO PhotoLab does not offer any support for the DNG files that the camera outputs. Please consider creating profiles for these popular cameras. I don’t understand why you have DGI and GoPro profiles but not Insta360 the leader in accessible 360 imaging.

I realise this won’t help but you could have checked about DxO PL support for these cameras before you bought into the system here:

From what I have been able to gather, the DNG files are not true RAW files as they are composed from multiple images and, as of any hope of lens modules, I very much doubt that will happen as it uses multiple lenses along with software composition in camera.

Again, it won’t help you but it seems that not even Lensfun (the open source library used by various RAW converters, e.g. Affinity Photo), has any support for Insta360: