Initial thoughts

I am not finding the new version as easy to use as the previous one. When starting the Nik Collection I always get the validation code screen flashing up, I do not have to enter the code each time but it is a little annoying. I have to click “favourites” each time I start the programme, previous versions always started in the same place. The first filter along with its settings (in my case Pro Contrast) was always set at the top of the filter stack.
Small problems but ones I hope you can rectify over time.

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THANK YOU! Exactly my thoughts, too!

I’m working on an iMac Retina 5K, 27" 2020, MacOS Monterey, I’ve got an 8GB Graphiccard and 72 GB RAM - and this Version feels like a total downgrade! I’ve been working with DXO since it has been NIK, and I can’t remember having SO MUCH issues with it at all!
The code screen flashing is SO annoying, the whole working panel seems so overloaded with colours and the controllers don’t work as properly as I was used to.
Sometimes, less is even more…
And the whole program seems to be full of bugs. I’ve got about 18 favorite presets, but for some reason, I cannot understand, I’m just able to see them, when DXO ist closed…

So I really would like to downgrade to the former version, which was pretty much okay. I don’t see any improvement in the new one AT ALL!