Infrared procession in DxO PL2

I have just watched the webinar by Dan Huges about processing infrared. A question was asked about making the sky blue on PL2, and he said he doesn’t know a way yet. Through trial and error, I have found a method to do this. My camera is a standard IR converted Nikon D300, and the settings I use to get a blue sky are -
Temperature 2146
Tint -77
Hue -152
Sat 31
Lum 0
After any other adjustments, usually Smart lighting, Prime and ClearView Plus, I export to HDR Efex Pro2 to finish. Most of my shots at this stage are landscapes featuring trees/foliage/buildings.

My set-up is a little different from yours as I use a physical infrared glass filter on my Nikon (no IR conversion).

However, when applying your formula (in my set-up) everything gets a blue tint - how does that help the equation as You are simply switching (overall) a blue tint for a red tint. Yes, the sky has a blue tint but so does everything else.

Or maybe this is not the case with your camera - would You post an image with (just) the DxO corrections you describe so I could compare the results with my raw infrared filtered image + your DxO corrections?

Thank You.

This is a JPG with just the adjustments described. The foliage comes out yellow. I would usually make it all brighter and crisper, but this is the starting point

The link You posted above is not working.

I have sent you an image directly. I haven’t work out how to paste into this email box. Alternately, have a look at some others on my site.


Hi David!

I did not get the image You sent me directly - however going to your site certainly demo’d your images - Thank You - they are beautiful! :sunglasses: :tada: