Infrared processing and WB

For now, I have settled on DXO Photolab 3 as my Raw Processor. Trying to get used to it/familiar/facile/etc.

Will be doing some IR work
I can set WB in camera for custom WBif necessary

The lower limit for WB slider is 2000k in Photolab 3.

In Adobe LightRoom there is a work around regarding this lower limit using Adobe DNG Profile Editor to give one more latitude.

Is there a similar process or such that would accomplish same end in Photolab 3?


White Balance isn’t necessarily relevant.

Will you be taking with an IR filter in front of the lens? If so, just convert to B&W and adjust in the TSL palette.

Or are you using an IR converted camera? Possibly the same procedure but I don’t have such a camera.

If not, just use the Kodak Infrared film emulation in FilmPack. In fact, just get FilmPack anyway - you’ll find all sorts of uses for it.

I use a converted camera

I am not expert enough to say whether WB is relevant or not but there are multiple videos regarding IR processing( mainly with LR) where it is felt to be relavant and folks have developed workarounds ( DNG editor as example) to deal with issues - at least for color infrared

So, does the camera give you a colour image?

Here is an image that I took with a regular Nikon D810 with no filter…

Now with an IR filter in front of the lens (ISO 100, 4mins, f/10) …

1 - untreated RAW file

2 - WB set using the pipette tool on the car body (2598°K / -196)

3 - Converted to B&W using FilmPack (Ilford Delta 100)

Please excuse the flare, I forgot to shade the rear of the filter from the sun.

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Slightly off topic… :roll_eyes:

I am not familiar with a dedicated IR sensor - but like @Joanna I have a glass filter for my (normal) Nikon. You can do some interesting things besides take infrared images - such as with the following images taken on the Summer Solstice (N. Hemisphere) within a few seconds of each other:

• Image taken without the IR filter
• Image with the IR filter
• Composite for a Christmas Card

My friends were quite puzzled since they know I don’t live where it snows like this (if ever). :sunglasses:

Click to view larger image…

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Yes, I know exactly what you are talking about and WB has everything to do with it. DXO PL is not able to dig into these frequencies and while I am a fan of DXO, Photolab is not very good in my opinion. For hyper-spectral work use Capture One or Picturecode’s Photo Ninja.