Infrared/HSL-wheel/Lab 6 Elite+ FP6

I also shoot infrared, and until DXO has a real channel mixer (I have film pack 6 with a channel mixer, but it doesn’t work in the same way as in Photoshop, or Affinity phto or Darktable etc. - the one in DXO is more for black and white), then I keep Photoshop.
Channelmixer with colors (so-called swapping) is mandatory for infrared images, and I can see from old threads that it has been requested for several years for DXO…

But you can use the HSL wheel – if you’re lucky. First set your white balance (possibly also click the standard preset – it varies how well it is for infrared images, but sometimes really fine),

…then grab the HSL wheel, which by default has an arrow to drag to the right and in the middle of the wheel, and then simply drag it 180 degrees (to the right - clockwise) = It sometimes gives good results.

In the meantime, it happens - at least with me - that the HSL wheel has now changed, and to get the default again, so that I can use it for a new infrared image, I have to close DXO lab 6 Elite completely and start from scratch , regardless of whether I click “reset”.

Is there a technique here that I don’t know?

I would like to give it a try myself, if it is possible for you share a sample of the RAW file and if you are willing to off course.

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Thanks, but the only thing I need is a way to reset the HSL= It is - as mentioned - in NOT default after using it, so I have to shut down Lab 6 Elite to get it as default again.

I don’t know. For me the reset button on the HSL wheel works like I would expect. It resets the settings of that adjusmtnet.


Are you saying it does not work for you?

What about double clicking the little handle?


That’s odd, I’m on Windows and have never had that problem.


Thank You MSmithy, and yes I did resetting it as you so fine show here with pictures.


Editing infrared sometimes demand more than other files in the color, SO…

After using the wheel as described and then working with e.g. the saturation afterwards (after using the wheel), then my problem arises - then I can not set the wheel to default, when I want a new picture to be editet.

If I do not work anymore in the color-department, there is no problem, then it can be resettet.

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I should say: If I stop editing after the color-wheel (180 degrees), then
there is no problem at all - easy to reset, but there is no genuine channel-mixer, so you sometimes have to work more to get it (the channel-mixer is mostly for black and white), and I do not think DXO have thought so much about infrared photos, when managing the Lab.

Milan and Mark: Please try to do what described above and see if you do not get the same?
Thanks you in advance.

If so (?)I will write to DxO about it, perhaps they can change it in next update.

Also don’t see a problem to reset the HSL tool → as already shown …

As mentioned above, I do know, and use it, and it works, but please read:

I should say: If I stop editing after the color-wheel (180 degrees), then
there is no problem at all - easy to reset, as mentioned now by 2 here, but that is not the problem. If I try to reset it AFTER more color change, then it can not.


whatever I do with the HSL tool – no problem to reset it.

Could you add a raw-file together with the dop-file ( as PM or here in public ), so I can check
– well, trying to find out?

Thank You, but I have no problems with my files, nothing to see here - only the mentioned problem, ONLY seen at Lab 6 Elites program - have you tryed the same I wrote= After manipulating the HSL 180 degrees clockwise and then - after - manipulation the saturation, FIRST AFTER this extra manipulation with the saturation, it happens.

@Kib – as said, no problem here.

Check what happens, when you choose another file after your manipulations?
The HSL tool then should be at it’s default state – and back to the manipulated file … manipulated.

Just guessing … the adjustments need some computing time and might not have been finished yet.
To miminize time out problems, I have the OS as well the (working) picture folder on NVMe M.2 storage.

Thanks for coming back to me, but the same thing happens.

  1. I import a RAW-file (infrared) to DXO
  2. When I come to change the wild colors from the IR converted camera (Fuji x100S, but I also tryed with my old converted Nikon D40), then I turn the wheel clocwise 180 %
  3. The colors are still off, sometimes VERY blue, and therefore I click at the blue “dot” (round)- JUST ABOVE THE WHEEL, and set the saturation down (just under the wheel).
  4. Then this happens - see the picture (link below).
  5. It is OK this happens, but it is not OK, that itstays that way, and I can not reset if, when I import a new picture
    (it does not matter if I before click a standard reset, or set the WB, the same happens) - then I have to close down DXO, and start all over again - I have tryed to wait, but does not work, I have to shut it down.
  6. Now I just - for learning, because you came back to me -try the same with a normal picture, and the same things happens.
    I only use the wheel this way with my infrared photos, therefore I did not learn/see it before.

I think there is a bug here ? (or my pc, but it works in Photoshop CS 6 (the old) and in Affinity Photo 2 (totally new - have a trial for this reason)

Guess I know what’s irritating you …

Let’s say, you had chosen to desaturate the blue.

Then you go to another pic … and you still see
Screen Shot 05-28-23 at 05.10 PM 001
but it’s NOT the same

  • the HSL tool is → inactive
  • the Saturation is set to 0

while when you click the twirler to reset the blue channel

  • the Saturation is set back to 0
  • but the HSL tool is still active

To set the HSL tool back to its inital appearance
Screen Shot 05-28-23 at 05.11 PM
klick on the → white (general) channel.


Yes it works by clicking at the white dot.
Then resetting.

I was not irritated, but I did not know You had to click at the white dot to reset.

I must admit I have not read the manual since I got the PL5, now PL6= I think it is very intuitive, therefore I love Dxo Lab, but if this is written in the manual ?? = I should have read it. :roll_eyes:

Thank You again - you were very helpfull.

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Maybe have a look e.g. here …

Thank you very much - I will look into that one day.
When skimming the text, I didn’t see anything about clicking on the white to reset, or that resetting only worked by clicking on the white.

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But I know that now =Thanks