Information palettes (Histogram, Move/Zoom, Metadata (EXIF) available in PhotoLibrary

Make these information-only palettes available in the photo library tab.

I need this information in the development phase

Histogram is used as a overview to balance exposure,contrast , saturation, lumination(color) so i need this in the development tab.
Meta data, wel the summanairy as it 's now i like this to see on all places. I would like in the photolibrary a extended version with all iptc, exif, xmp data which i can edit if i like.

You can hide them if you like by collapsing or even unselect the palette in the menu.

Edit, ohw language mixup, you want them also in the browsing mode?
Yes that’s a good idea.
If you use the browsing mode, library, for initial culling it’s neccaserry to have important information like histogram.

For culling and proper identification of the images, all information should be available in the photo library interface. Like in the customize tab, these palettes should be optional in the layout, as selected by the user.

That’s why i use Fast Raw Viewer as initial culling application.
Edge detection, shadow highlight real raw histogram.


I like the idea of being able to add informational palettes to the photo library workspace if one wants. I won’t use it, though. I do nearly all of my culling gradually in the development workspace, where I can compare images with certain adjustments applied and with enhancements made in other applications. For me the photo library is just for organization and switching working folders. The info overlay is available in the film strip if I need it.

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Thats my second culling system. My first one is this:

al my information i need is added and can be used in DxOPL for searching after adding to the library.
So after the initial external application use i use DxOPL for further work.
Then is until the mentioned features can be covered by DxOPL’s photolibrary mode a few extra’s which already are present in “Customize” very convenient in Library mode.