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A question about NIK updates : how do we know that a minor update to the current major version of the Nik Collection has been released ? I know that I can check for updates from the menu of each individual plugin but this doesn’t apply to the Selective Tool (for which we are waiting for the annoying display bug appeared in version 3 to be fixed since about 2 months) and the installer executable name doesn’t indicate any version number.

Actually, there should be a global “check for updates” option available in the Selective Tool settings, so that available updates are notified when the Selective Tool is opened (provided it is opened upon startup, which the above mentioned bug is preventing to happen).


I have just been notified that a minor release to Nik is available (3.03 to 3.08) so I clicked to upgrade and got taken to the Update/Buy page…

When I logged in to check, it shows my licence upto date (as it should be) and no updates needed “Software up to date”

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Yes, I also experienced this behavior. Where should I go to find the update?

No idea where minor updates are stored unfortunately

This is the current version on my system. My previous post was wrong on version numbers!

This is the message box I get when I first open ColoEfex.

Install Now simply takes you to

Despite the fact I already own it.

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Just open your DxO account, go to My Orders and download the latest version from here.


According to DxO I am up to date.

Yet I am running 3.07 and the update is 3.08

Same here. But if I go to my account and, where it says my software is up-to-date, download the Windows installer anyway, I get the 3.0.8 release. Looking at the release notes, I believe that the inability to get the update directly through the 3.0.7 software (link goes to the wrong web page) is one of the bugs fixed in 3.0.8. The personal account page is another matter: not only is my Nik 3 software not actually up-to-date - there’s still a notice next to my Nik Collection 1 license asking me to pay to upgrade to Nik Collection 3. Not a big deal - but it could be better! :wink:


They say that you’re up to date once you have upgraded to the latest major version. Minor updates are not taken into account even if they are installed. This page doesn’t check what’s actually installed on your disk.

Entries related to previous major versions of a product are kept in your account (because you can still use and download them). But upgrading to a new major version doesn’t trigger an update of these entries in their database. Hence the invitation to upgrade. You’re correct, this could be better and is somehow misleading.


Thanks @tilltheendofeternity, @Egregius and @Pat91. I found the update. This system is very misleading!

Thanks, downloading the Windows installer again worked for me, I’m back to 3.0.8 now also.

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Got the same notice and the same results. Also curious on this topic.

As they are storing the data on what you have bought, it cannot be terribly difficult to add the version number you currently have and what is available, based upon what you have downloaded.

Other companies seem to manage the process with no problem. It is simply a database problem.

Downloading the latest version, be it major or minor, is not necessary done from the customer account. So, this is difficult to track. The only safe way to determine the current version installed on a user’s system from a web page is to run a script to check this. The particular problem with the NIK Collection is that it’s not an application by itself, so you can’t have a Help | Check for updates… menu. This is only possible from each plugin individually.

However, this could be done in the Selective Tool panel (provided it is permanently visible). Currently the behavior of this panel is somewhat disturbing, to say the least. I think that the hopefully-soon-to-be-available fix should include this enhancement : a Check for updates button.

Yes, I already said this in the OP but sometimes, insisting is useful :blush: