Influential review of raw converters

Thom Hogan’s Currently Recommended Raw Converters

For those on this list who use the Nikon system, and in particular Z bodies, Thom Hogan is a well respected source of information in much of the Nikon user community, including NPS working photographers. His current recommendations for workflow includes DxO PL, although he starts the recommendations with the Adobe suite. For my uses, I prefer PL to Adobe even if the Adobe suite was not a rental, although pre-rental, I did have both (almost always “current”). A significant fraction of the Nikon user community does “listen” to Hogan’s views and recommendations.

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I would NEVER use the Adobe suite: I simply don’t like its rendering, interface/workflow and business model.

If PL didn’t exist, I would probably use Nikon’s NX Studio (for all of its clunkiness, at least it has some strong advantages) or force myself to learn Capture One.

But still, I am glad PL exists (in spite of their less than stellar attitude of not listening to customers’ requests). It simply gives me the best results with the least effort.