Indexing control? Export control?

I’ve just updated to the latest PL2. I decided to rearrange photo folders on windows and then re-index with PL2. Is there any way to control what the indexing looks at? For instance, I use FastRawViewer for preliminary culling. The culled files end up in a folder called ./_Rejected. I’d like to ignore those.
Also, I am exporting to a subfolder (./TIFF.dxo, ./JPEG.dxo, etc.) I’d like to ignore those as well - unless there’s a way in ‘Export to disk’ to export to a parallel set of folders. To clarify. if my raw files are in ‘E:\Photos\Photos2019\2019.03.04 new snowfall’ I’d like to export to ‘[exportpath]\2019.03.04 new snowfall’. I don’t think that’s possible, but maybe I missed it.


There’s a great way to get _Rejected out of your file structure with FastRawViewer, Bob. You can use a central _Rejected folder. Saves emptying the individual folders as you go.

Don’t forget to empty the central one. I had 21 GB in there on my laptop with an SSD!

if my raw files are in ‘E:\Photos\Photos2019\2019.03.04 new snowfall’ I’d like to export to ‘[exportpath]\2019.03.04 new snowfall’. I don’t think that’s possible, but maybe I missed it.

While parallel folders would be even better, I’d be happy to see an even simpler Export path option. I don’t want my exports as a subfolder of my original RAW files. The way I structure a project is:

  • 20190207 choreolab
    • originals
    • exports ball
    • exports night photos

alternatively this would work for me:

  • 20190207 choreolab
    • originals
    • exports
      * ball
      * night photos

The second would be easier programatically. Basically I’d really like the Export dialogue to at least allow us to specify a starting relative position one level higher than the folder which contains the actual original photo. Heck I’m even happy to move my own exports into the subfolders if I can get them into an Exports folder at the same level as the originals.

The reason relative position is important is that it would allow us to not have to 1. individually assign a folder on every export 2. go hunting for folders within folders with hundreds of original images (the original folders).

Like you, I’d like to move to completely parallel structures for masters and exports so allowing us to set up a completely different starting point for all exports would be great. I’ve just realised this is possible, Bob! We are allowed to set both a folder for exports and subfolder paths. Hence one doesn’t need to change the base folder and can easily just assign subfolders as we go. PhotoLab remembers the last subpath so there is no need to reenter the subpath when re-exporting bits and pieces of a large event or project.

To be honest, I’m good with this now and don’t need any changes now that I understand the power of the system and the base folder. I had gotten myself into trouble as I was manually changing the export folder every timeI did an export via folder dialogue and that was tedious.

The base starting point sounds like it might work for you too although you will have to name the exports sub folder as you go.