Index update after folder re-location?


being new to Photolab 4 (MacOS version, OS MacOS BigSur) I need some help with the index of my photos folder. After I did a first index I moved my 25k photos (distributed over lots of sub folders) to a different location with MacOS Finder. Now I know this was a bad idea (I have 25k fotos in my index which lost the link to the originals). How can I delete the index database and/or forcing PL to delete and re-index again? Is the only way forward to delete PL4 with all configuration files and containers and start again from scratch?


The main problem that moving files with Finder produces is if you use projects, keywords or persistent history, since these are all stored in the PL database.

You don’t need to delete PL4, just its database and cache. See my post here - Moving and renaming files and folders

But then you will need to reindex if you want to update what the search finds.

Delete the cache and database files as @Joanna proposed and DPL will do the job for you when you open your moved folders again.
Beware: All image files without a sidecar (.dop) will look as never seen before. (= lose edits too)