"Index folder" button does not display popup window

Currently I am using Photolab 5.5 Win and when I click on “Index a folder” button there is no longer a popup window that opens. I can no longer index my photos.
FYI I moved my photos, then recreated the database and cleaned the cache.
An idea ?

I can confirm that. The “Index a folder” button (“Analyser un dossier”) no longer works in PL 5.5.0 (win).
The folder structure has not changed, the database has not been modified. Would indexing be done automatically (for new folders) in the background ??

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Still works on Mac though.

But it is only the little button with the folder icon that responds, not the whole text…

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no problem here in PL5.5.0_4770 w/ 'searching for the folder to be indexed
(well, didn’t move photos etc)

The interface is different between Windows and MacOS, the problem occurs on Windows:

@phil0492 and @apaulus
I’m using PL5 Elite on Windows and when I clicked the ‘+ Index a folder’ that @phil0492 has circled in red I get a ‘Select Folder’ dialog box, i.e. I can’t recreate this problem.

EDITED TO ADD: when I just said, “PL5” I meant the latest version i.e. PL 5.5.0 build 4770

I can’t recreate this problem either. I am running 5.5 and just successfully started re-indexing my image folders…

By removing the folder %LOCALAPPDATA%\DXO the ‘+ Index a folder’ works perfectly. Be carefull if you delete this folder because the Cache, Preferences, Modules, … are deleted. Now I am indexing all my photos. Perhaps there is another workaround but no answer from DXO support.

Since I didn’t have your problem and nor did others, it suggests some sort of corruption, local to you, within that folder. If so, then whatever caused the corruption is likely to be beyond diagnosis by DxO / anyone, even if they were sitting at your PC.

We can also do remote support but as I cleaned everything it will be difficult now to understand the issue.

PS. I am running PL 5.5.0 build 4770

I have the same problem with my recently purchased PhotoLab 5. I have removed the …\AppData\Local\DxO folder in an attempt to solve it but it still doesn’t work. Perhaps I’m doing something wrong but surely if I select a folder and click on ‘Index a folder’ something should happen? Also, I referred to the PDF Manual (page 33) and I cannot find ‘Analyse a folder’ to which the text refers. So it seems I’m stuck!

Here is the answer from the DXO support :
"If this happens again, you can go to the Preferences accessible via the Edit menu,
then Performance tab > Purge the contents of the cache with the “Clear” button".
I can’t say if it really works because I removed all folder : AppData\Local\DxO.
If your problem is not solved you can contact DXO : https://support.dxo.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

err, no, that would be me :grin:



Did you ever try to reinstall PL ?

Thanks, I cleared the cache and restarted PL but same result: ‘Index a folder’ does nothing. I’ll contact Support.

Yes, I deinstalled it, rebooted the PC and then reinstalled but same result: ‘Index a folder’ does nothing.

I had the same problem with Photolab 5 and now with Photolab 6 I just install. Clearing the cach don’t solve it. I have seen in an other forum that to reinstall Windows solve the problem but it seems a little to much !

No answer from Dxo Support since a week. I hope they know what to do as it is important to be able to index our folder…

I am also having this same problem with version 5.5. I have deleted the cache and nothing changed.