Increasing framebuffer, (dedicated VRAM UMA) has no effect.

I installed DXO PL4 on my new Ryzen 7 4750G Computer.
It processes a 20 MPix image with DeepPrime in 20 seconds and this is very good.
I noticed, however, it used the dedicated video ram - which is 500MB per default on this computer, fully.
So I had the idea to increase the dedicated video RAM (aka UMA aka VRAM) in the BIOS to 4GB.
It had the effect as seen in the appended image. DXO still uses 500MB only, there seems to be a hard stop there, but 4 GB is available.
So my question is, can DXO use more VRAM, has this an effect on performance, and if yes, how to do it.
Thank you!

Hello @PeterH ,

Let me ask @Lucas to reply to this question.

Svetlana G.

Hello @PeterH,

We just don’t need more for DeepPRIME than what you’re seeing. If your purpose is to speed-up DeepPRIME, you’d mainly need a GPU with higher compute capacity and higher memory bandwidth.



Thank you. Of course any free performance improvement is welcome, but I am already happy with the performance I got from this computer, it is perfectly usable for me because the preview updates in an eyeblink.