Inconsistent information in supported cameras page


I am currently waiting for Photolab 2 to support the EOS RP + RF 24-105. As soon as this is available I plan use the test month to decide whether this often-recommended software is a good upgrade for me (currently on Adobe LR 6).

I have checked the information from the supported cameras page but this is a bit inconsistent:

  • Support for EOS RP planned for version 2.3 coming in June 2019.
  • Support for various EF lenses with EOS RP planned for version 2.5 coming in June 2019
  • No planned date for RF 24-105 with EOS RP. I guess this will also be in June?

Another question. When I originally got the EOS RP I converted the CR3 files to DNG using the Adobe converter and deleted the originals (silly me). Will PL2 work with the DNG files? (not a big deal if not)


As you write and according to this page EOS RP will come with version 2.3 in June, which means that DPL will be able to read the RP’s CR3 files. Lens modules will come in version 2.5, also in June. Only then will you be able to correct the flaws of the respective camera/lens combinations.
I suppose that the page needs a refresh or that DxO plans to introduce versions 2.3 and 2.5 within the same month, which feels strange indeed.
My proposals: Download DPL only when your camera/lens combination is supported or you might consume the trial period without seeing what the full potential is. If you decide to buy, go for the elite version (compare)


yes, I will definitely wait with the trial until the combination is supported.
As the RF 24-105 is the kit lens I guess/hope that it will be in the initial set of supported lenses.
Waiting is hard :wink:

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Yep, you are right, the page needs to be updated - 2.3 everywhere.

-Yep, they will be supported with no problem.

Svetlana G.

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Hi Svetlana,

thanks for the clarifications.


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