inconsistent file results when doing multiple files from Lightroom Classic 12

I select more than one file in Lightroom Classic 12 on PC WIndows 10, let’s say 3, and start the plugin from the Files tab.
I set the options and start. It says the right number of files, and starts going through them one by one. It jumps through, doing files 1 then 2 then 3.
But when it’s done, only one new file seems to be in the folder. The other 2 are not in Lightroom, nor are they in the folder in explorer source for the lightroom folder they came from. I don’t get any message, it seems to go on its merry way and not save the files after the first, and I do get the finish status screen…
This is a showstopper for me since I shoot a lot of live music in poorly lit bars or small venues. The noise is always terrible, so I would like to pick the ones I want to keep, delete the rest, and just run the whole folder through DXO Pure Raw and in the morning it’ll be done. But if I only get one file, this doesn’t help me. It’s frustrating because Pure Raw does a beautiful job on the image. But if I can’t find the files, it doesn’t do me any good.


Look at the documentation about DPL<=> LR roundtrips :

Returning images to Lightroom Classic does not require any action on your part:

  • A collection at the date and time of transfer (YYYYY-MM-DD HH-MIN-SEC) is automatically created within a DxO PhotoLab collection set, itself automatically created at the first use.
  • DxO PhotoLab return images are automatically stacked with the originals (if the option is enabled in Preferences > External Edition) of Lightroom Classic.
  • Images from DxO PhotoLab keep their original names with the suffix “_DxO” added.

If the files are not visible try to refresh by switching to another folder and then returning to the original folder.