Inadequate keyboard shortcuts-- or am I missing something?

I’m interested in using some keyboard input with Viveza.

I noticed this undocumented feature/behavior: the left and right arrow keys will increment the numbers in the right panel’s settings. (Holding Shift moves by 10 units) But there’s no indication of which setting is “selected” for this arrow key movement. If you click in the upper part of a settings row (but not too far below the row’s top or you’ll move the slider), it does select the item so the arrow keys work. Of course, having to click a tiny item with a mouse just so you can switch back to the keyboard is a little unhelpful.

I’ve also found that the tab key will move you from field to field, where the arrow key of course moves you around within that field. But, if you’re in a field, and hit up arrow once and then down arrow it selects the item so you can use the arrow keys to move the slider. So the tab moves from field to field, and the up/down arrow moves you from setting to setting being invisibly “selected.” I might be able to make something with Keyboard Maestro to make this actually work, sort of…

Is there something wrong with my system? Can others actually see which item is selected?

Also, is there a way to move up and down the list of control points in the right panel? Up/down and tab does nothing. And when a control point is selected there, is there a keyboard shortcut to toggle the on/off checkbox on the left and the show/hide mask view checkbox on the right?

While I love the power Nik brings, the interface seems half-baked, which is disturbing for software that’s been around for so many years. And it’s not cheap… You can buy about 18 months of the entire Adobe photo package for what this set of plug-ins costs!

Essentially, all Windows functionality (and the Mac equivalent) works on the basis of; “Hey you - do this” … that is, the user must first identify the control that’s to receive some input (typically, by clicking on it - or tabbing to it) and then applying the input (such as by typing some value - or using left/right arrow keys). It’s really as simple as that.

John M

The problem I’m seeing (Mac Catalina OS) is that when I tab through the settings, the selected one isn’t highlighted, so I can’t tell which I’ve tabbed to. If I’m tabbing through the value fields, I can see which I’m in, but of course, then the arrow keys don’t increment the values. On Windows, when you tab through the setting titles (Highlights, Shadows, etc.–not the fields with the numbers) is the selected one highlighted in any way? Thanks!

Hi Russell. In the Win10 version you can tab only between value fields - not between the “setting titles (Highlights, Shadows, etc.)” … I don’t know of any way to tab between them; you need to Click on them.

John M