In the "select item to display" dropdown, make Picked/Untagged/Rejected Images on the top of the list

I pick and reject images frequently. It would be nice to have it at the top of the list of options.

Saving that, it would be nice to be able to customize what appears in the drop down.


Have you tried the keyboard shortcuts? They might save you even more time.

Find shortcuts in DPL’s help menu.

I’m not talking about shortcuts. I know about the shortcuts. I’m talking about the ability to filter images more quickly.

If there are shortcuts that select options inside the “select item to display” dropdown, I’d love to know about them - but I don’t see any in the list, only shortcuts to set whether an item is picked or rejected.

That dropdown menu is slow to appear on Macs when it would extend off the bottom of the screen, such as in customise mode. It would be nice to have it broken into several dropdowns, or even filtering buttons like the ones in the same spot in Exposure X:

Okay, you talk about filters…would have been helpful to add that word to your original post.