Improving astro images quality

When shooting astro & aurora shots, I shoot with a Pentax K1mk2 and 15-30 W.A. lens at 3200-6400 ISO, f2.8 and 10-13 sec S/S.
I run the images that I want to work on through DxO PrimeRAW to clean them up, primarily for noise; then process them through ACDSee Photo Studio Pro, but I am still getting what looks like a white film over the image. Is there something more I can do in DxO to get rid of it?
I look forward to hearing from anyone with some suggestions to improve my images.
Phil Thomson.

Have you tried ClearView Plus in combination lowering the blacks under selective tone?

I use PhotoLab for an all in one solution.

The problem is not going to be down to PureRAW, as a straight conversion of one of my images in PhotoLab gives me…

Adding in a “normal” curve gives me…

So, I use a curve that maintains the highlights almost down to the shadows…

My EXIF shows the following settings for this particular shot…

Capture d’écran 2023-09-22 à 13.04.39

No, I haven’t tried it as yet. I will look into it further…Thankyou for your suggestion. In ACDSee, there is a ‘Dehaze’ slider which I use, but it appears that ClearView Plus will be a lot stronger. :slight_smile: