Improved RAW denoising in PL3 for Olympus and Canon cameras?

I’ve been reading the following words in several early reviews of PhotoLab 3:

“The software’s de-noising capabilities for RAW photos taken with certain Canon and Olympus cameras has been improved as well.”

As an Olympus OM-D user, I’m very interested in knowing what improvements this is referring to. The release notes make no mention. Can anyone here explain? I can guess about one Canon issue (topic left the matter unresolved), but not Olympus. Knowing what is and is not newly implemented would help. Thanks very much!

This just means that files from cameras that are not specified can be improved noise-wise. This also means that you might be lucky (or not) because the respective camera models are not named and all you can do is try to find out if it works for your files. It could also mean that only one model’s images improve, whatever the improvement might be…

Supersquishy marketing statement!

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In some conditions, standard denoising (and even more so PRIME) do not behave very well, especially keeping too much noise at long exposure time, or in some special shooting modes like multiple-exposure.

This issue was fixed, mostly for Canon cameras and Olympus. On these cameras, it also can impact denoising at very high ISO whatever the exposure time (the amount of residual noise in the shadows should be significantly reduced).

Svetlana G.

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Thanks, Svetlana, for the somewhat clearer formulation. I’ll try to see what I get.

Meanwhile, I have tried two night shots from EOS 5D Mark III, taken with ISO 25’600 and 12’800 respectively. Exported both as 16 bit aRGB TIFFs with the same settings from DPL 2 and DPL 3, imported them as layers in Photoshop and let it build the difference of the two layers.

What I get is an absolutely black image, which means that the two exports show identical images. Using Prime NR or not does not make a difference.

Summary: I notice no difference between output of DPL 2 and DPL 3, therefore, better de-noising for my EOS 5D Mk 3 does not exist.