Improved GUI with smarter selection, visualisation and cloud presets

It would be great, if the interface of e.g. NIK Color Efex would get a few enhancements:

  • shortcuts for +/- controlpoints to avoid clicking on the right panel
  • context menu on right mouse click (for new control points / center points / shadows highlights)
  • visualisation of center points / fading on center point moduls like “Darken / Lighten Center” and “Vignettes” like in Analog Efex
  • saturation control on every center point module to get for example more or less saturation on “Darken / Lighten Center” hotspots
  • saving of user presets in the cloud to synchronize it after installation on a new hardware
  • cloud presets as an exchange pool for user presets
  • optional visualisation of u-point masks like in Viveza (perhaps via ALT-Click on selected point)

I like the idea of accessing community-shared presets directly from within the program.

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