Improve delete image function

Deleting pictures within photolab is a task for somebody, who has beaten father and mother. In other words, its terribly slow. Why not hand over this task to the operation system ?

Hmmm. Select pictures to delete, right-click on one of them, confirm and they are gone. How will the operating system know which files to delete?

Of course, you can always close PhotoLab and delete the files from the OS if you want.

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I assigned the shortcut to a button on my mouse, so this is done quickly…

@Joanna: deleting 100 raw-files with your method (standard to me) is about 1-2 minutes within photolab, about 4 secs using Windows.

So, close PhotoLab and use Windows

You can move them in a temp sub-folder and erase it with Windows explorer.

@Pieloe: sure, but if photolap simply passes the list of the selected files to the OS for deletion, then the deletion is done pretty quickly and there is no need for your workaround. And by the way, a good developer solves this problem between breakfast and dinner.

@Joanna: you are kidding, right?

It’s too fast said :frowning:
What do you know about DxO constraints ?
I gave you a solution in the current environment.


There can be a lot of days between a breakfast and a dinner :wink:

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SHIFT-DEL. Done. One second.

on Mac, it’s command-del and enter and again, I’d not use DPL for culling :wink:

PL will be taking care to detect and delete any associated sidecar/.dop files - and it will be updating its database … that all takes a little longer.

John M

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