Impossible to use DXO PL Functions on files

Hello dudes,
First please excuse my English :hot_face:
Why are there sometimes problem with some files (JPEG for example)
I can not use DEEPPRIME function, and others (local settings, etc etc).
I used to know TOPAZ DENOISE and I must admit I regret its functionnalities and its ergonomic qualities. Topaz was easy to use, in Lightroom and all the functions are available for all the files you put in it

Some functions like PRIME / DeepPRIME can only be applied to raw photos.

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Tutorials - TuTo DxO by one of the forum members (thanks again to @Pieloe / Pascal)

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Welcome Sale
As mentioned by Guenter

Oh. Obviously… I had a doubt about that point. Thanks !!

DeepPrime works directly on the raw (mosaiced) data rather than on the demosaiced RGB conversion. This is why DP cannot be used on jpg, Tif etc.