Impossible d'enregistrer l'image

Dear team,
This morning, I cannot save the processed images, with JPEG or RAW files.
See attached log.
DxO.PhotoLab.txt (347.5 KB)

Sounds like either a permissions issue or an anti-virus issue.

New install, same problem.
Executed PhotoLab with administrator’s rights, same problem.
New log attached: DxO.PhotoLab.txt (1.4 MB)


What am I supposed to do?

Have you checked to see if an anti-virus app is blocking access? Administrator or not, that is possible.

This is not a PhotoLab error, it is simply the app reacting to something like a permissions issue or, more probably, an anti-virus app that hasn’t been told to recognise PhotoLab as a legitimate app for writing to a particular location on disk.

Which location are you trying to save to? Is it on an internal or external disk?

It worked…
There has been a name change with DopCor 14…