Importing raf files

Mac + PL5 users, how do you import raw files from SD card to Finder? I’m looking for a simple way to catalog, review and add meta data. I don’t use LR or Capture 1

To transfer files, I use the Image Capture app that is part of macOS. For adding keywords, ratings, descriptions and Finder Tags, I use my own app.

I drag files from the card to the destination folder or do copy/paste, depending on mood. Keywords are added in Lightroom Classic and I use star ratings and colour labels for “internal” use mostly.

You might consider reading through a few pages starting with this: About Digital Asset Management - TuTo DxO.

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I simply copy raw files from the card to a destination folder in Original folder, one subfolder per year, and one subfolder by session with a name starting by the date.

As I have a simple keyboarding with no hierarchy, after a first culling I then tag keyword and basic IPTC information within PhotoLab. This creates the attached .xmp file which is used to include them in exported files.