Importing lightroom processe imges in DXO


I am a newcomer to this forum and a potential user of DXO software.

To be quick, I have processed my images with Lightroom for the last ten years. I am seriously thinking about moving to DXO bu the thing is that I have around 30000 processed images and of course I would prefer to keep these processed images and to get all my images in a single software catalog. Is there any way to import them in DXO?
I have searched the Internet, it is probably me but I could not find any clear answer. I found some hints but I cannot test them as I am currently on a different continent from my NAS.

Could anyone confirm if this is feasible or not?

Thanks a lot in advance.

@+ Gaël.

Unless you export your images that have been processed in Lightroom, as TIFF or DNG, there is no way that PhotoLab can see those edits, as they are only saved to Lr’s catalog and are not readable outside Lr.

But PL is capable of reading metadata, like keywords etc., that has been saved to XMP sidecar files.

Also, PL doesn’t really have an “import” procedure as such, it just opens files from the folders they have been organised into on disk.

…but it has “Index folder”. This helps to catalog all your image files incl. metadata.
Bildschirm 2023-10-09 um 12.31.47

Please note that DPL’s catalog (database) can get off its tracks if you change file and folder names while DPL is not running. Lightroom has features that help fix such issues, but DPL’s capabilities in this area are still fairly limited.

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You also have to be sure to export your XMP-metadata if you have some. I think that is still a manual action you have to carry out.

Also be sure to arange all your image folders under a topfolder if you already haven’t.

If if you do that Photolab will build a keyword table automatically for you BUT be aware of that if you have used a standard vocabulary there is no way to import that into Photolab.

But you can always reindex can’t you - even a single folder.

Yes, I can re-index as often as I like…but it does not clean up the database.
Files and Folders that have been renamed or moved when DPL was off, remain as dead entries with their old names or locations and as “real” items with their new names or locations. This makes searching with DPL … strange

Some progress has been made though: The database gets off-track with the second renaming only:

…and DPL offers a menu entry offering to “fix the path”, which will remove the image from the search results - and the database. Think of fixing this for a folder of 1500 images…but it is a start…or the effect of some caching?

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I haven´t seen so much of that since I rarely uses Photolab PictureLibrary. I search in PhotoMechanic and open the selections I make there with “Edit in Photolab”. I just use PictureLibrary to verify that the metadata got updated correctly once in a while…