Importing color profiles

I was reading this, X-rite Color Checker Passport compatibility, thinking I would like to add a color checker profile. I do have the Elite version of Photo Lab but all that’s under the Color/Color Rendering/Category drop down is the default Generic renderings and Color Positive Films and under Rendering is Camera default rendering.
Do I need to import other settings.

Hello @GARoss,

These 3 options (Camera body/ICC profile/DCP profile) gets available only when you select RAW images but not RGB. Please, check.

Svetlana G.

Accessing the profiles is easier if you copy all the profiles you want into a single directory.
PhotoLab remembers the the last folder only. If everything is in there, there is no need to navigate to a different profile. I put mine in a folder that PhotoLab can access from all accounts (I use separate accounts for different work). As you are on Win, your path might be different.

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That explains it. I had casually selected a jpg file. Options are present with RAW & DNG files. Thanks.

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