Importing a preset to DXO PL7

Can anyone please help me import a preset into PL7 using a windows 11 computer.

I have bought a megapack in which LUTs were included, I have downloaded these with no problems at all. I have some textures and presets to import but cant seem to figure it out. I have extracted the files and have some JPEG images on my laptop but when i try to import them into DXO it says there’s nothing in the folder. It’s driving me nuts and can’t understand what I’m not doing right. Ive been trying for 2 hours straight and no joy.

Any help will be greatly appreciated

Are you trying to install presets or LUTS? They are two very different things. When you refer to importing them are you referring to the LUT import feature?

First, DXO only supports LUTs with a .cube extension. To import .cube LUTS you need to select Custom and then Import, and navigate to a folder containing the LUTs. See my attachment.

LUTs are a fairly new feature to PhotoLab and the import function is currently very rudimentary and imports only one LUT at a time. There is also no way to import LUTs into named groups.

The Custom import feature is only a pointer to the current location of your LUTs. It does not move or copy them anywhere. If you move or delete the folder they are in, PhotoLab will no longer recognize them.


You also mentioned something about importing jpegs. There is no import for jpegs. Can you tells me what those jpeg files represent and why you wanted to import them?

Did the package you purchased indicate that the textures and presets were compatible with PhotoLab? The textures in PhotoLab are associated with having a DxO FilmPack license, but even with that license I am not aware of any ability to add 3rd party textures.


No, i have installed the LUTs, I’ve had no problem doing that. It finds the cube file straight away and lets me upload it.

I can’t import the presets or texture files. Bokeh textures, light strand textures etc. The texture and preset files are found in the picture library but they’re coming up as individual pictures, rather than the option to place them over the image and have the effect on an image.

I have selected preset editor, import, clicked on the files but then get the message “no items match your search”

In reference to the JPEGs, they’re showing on the computer as JPEG files, I’ve extracted the download files but they arent allowing me to open them in the preset import page. They’re just appearing in the photo library page.

Ah right I wasn’t aware of this. I dont have film pack, just Photolab 7 Elite. I thought i could install and use them on there. It was from the on1 website and said it was compatible with dxo. Im new to all this so may have misunderstood

The problem is worse than you realize.

What you have displayed are ON1 Preset folders which are intended for use with ON1 Photo Raw software and are definitely not compatible with DxO PhotoLab. ON1 textures will also not be compatible with PhotoLab regardless of whether you have a FilmPack license.

Do you have a license for ON1 Photo Raw? If not I am afraid that you wasted your money. However, ON1 LUT files will be compatible with PhotoLab and you an install them if you use the import process I described previously.


Looks like I’ve spent £20 for some LUT files then! Ah well, you live and you learn. I dont have on1 photo raw, no, unfortunately. Thank you, I appreciate the reply and helping me out

Keep in mind you can definitely use the LUT files, so it is not a complete loss. And hold on to this Mega Pack since you might decide to try out ON1 Photo Raw at some point. If you have difficulty installing the LUTs get back to us and we will try to assist you.


Yes, i will keep the files, £20 isn’t a lot of money and it has given me more options to choose from when editing my photo’s. I’m having a look for some more presets now on the pixafoto website. If I purchase another pack that is specifically designed for use with dxo, do i import the files through the preset edit menu, choose the selected files and they will appear in the preset menu along with the base presets that are available in DXO? Apologies for my lack of knowledge, it’s all a learning curve

I actually have several preset packages from them. While you can add them via the Preset editor, it is probably a lot faster to copy them directly into the preset folder. I can’t help you anymore today because of some other commitments, but if you get them either post here or send me a private message and I will help you.

This is the path to the folder where the Presets are located on Windows 10. I presume the location is the same on Windows 11.

C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\DxO\DxO PhotoLab 7\Presets


Many thanks Mark, i appreciate the help :+1: