Import in LR Classic with stacking on top of original file

I prefer, when I use an external program from Lightroom Classic, to stack the resulting file with the original file (and on top).
Topaz Photo AI has the perfect workflow for this. (it does the above automatically and flawless)

DxO PureRaw could be improved…

I get as close as possible when in the process window, I select the current file folder manually and choose add original RAW file.
Somehow in this way (and only this way). PureRaw stacks the output file with the original, but regretfully, below it.
So, two changes in Pureraw would allow for my preferred workflow:

  1. Add an option to save the file in the original folder
  2. Stack it on top, instead of below.
    And also nice would be to give finer control on the naming (no ORF_DxO suffix to the file name, but let the user choose a suffix string, or keep it empty)
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absolutely essential, I don’t use PR anymore due to that