Implement the Nikon Capture NX 2 U Point tools in Nik

The Nikon Capture NX2 U Point set of tools are far more advanced then what the current Nik collection has when it comes to U Points. Nik wrote this software for Nikon but it no longer supports newer camera’s. There is a brush to remove U Point masked areas easily instead of using tons of upoints set of no adjustement which really does not work well. Also a U point tool that you can select by color image area and use all the different adjustments the software. For example select a area and noise reduce only that area or sharpner a selected area, It goes on and on with what you can do with this tool. There also a color picker tool that you can copy and color and paste it into another area like a refection on water.


I agree. I am finding the masking in LR far superior to that within DxO where I had hoped for a better U Point experience.

Yes, I agree too.

I regularly use the U Point tools in Nikon Capture NX2 to improve the TIFF files that I export from PhotoLab. (Capture NX2 is happy to operate on PhotoLab-exported TIFFs from all camera brands, not only on those from Nikon cameras).

As Jerry (the OP) has explained very well, the Capture NX2 U-Point tools are still far more powerful and versatile than PhotoLab’s U-Point tools.

I really hope that PhotoLab’s U-Point tools will continue to improve.
Colin P.

Instead of CNX2, you can use the free CNX-D. In it almost a year ago appeared Control Color Points. CNX2 has not been supported by developers for a long time, and in Windows10, when working with a second monitor, the color is incorrectly displayed.

Does CNX-2 have a better U-Point tool than Nik ? Is it the same as in CNX-D? If not, what are the differences and which one do you prefer ?

Hello Pierre: Nikon Capture NX2 has many more U point adjustments than Capture NXD. NXD is dumbed down U point version of Capture NX2. Capture NX2 has not been supported for many years now so for newer cameras you cannot use the RAW files but you can still adjust 16 bit TIFF files which is how I use it. Only runs on Windows 10 or MAC older version but not on Catalina.

I have uploaded a .pdf with examples of some of the advanced functions of Nikon Capture NX2. Hope this answers your question. Jerry Landscape Photographer Nikon Capture NX2 Brushes .pdf (4.2 MB)

Hello Jerry, thanks for the example. If I understand correctly, the brush eraser tool can be used to fix masks created with U-points. Thart sounds good !

I come to PL3 from Picture Window Pro, and I miss many of its masking features. Refer to PWP documentation and a blog for some examples of the power of its masking and color correction tools: