Images database could not be opened on PL 5 first run

Anybody else seeing this?:
The DxO PhotoLab images database could not be opened. It has been moved to /Users/…/Library/DxO PhotoLab v5/DOPDatabaseV5.dopdata.1 and a new empty one has been created.

I tried the restore option as well but same result. PL also crashed after ok’ing the message.

I don’t have this problem

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I had a similar problem on Windows.
At the first start, PL5 crashed.
As a result, the PL4 database was used !!

This path to the database was in the program settings:

C: \ Users \ xxx \ AppData \ Roaming \ DxO \ DxO PhotoLab 4 \ Database

I had to adjust it manually on “DxO PhotoLab 5

Hi Gary,

This is not normal at all. Could you please contact us through our Support page so we can investigate further? Please reference the link to this forum thread, and once you have the ticket number from the Support, you can send me a private message to let me know so we can get to it faster.

Thanks - I’ve opened a support ticket.

I’m on Mac / Big Sur 11.6 in case anyone else is interested.

I’m also having problems.

Installed PL 5 to find that while PL could see photo files in the PhotoLibrary view it wouldn’t read the metadata or display the picture larger than a thumbnail. This was the case for all the last month’s pictures, but not those prior. Those on my NAS (I archive RAW files at the end of the month but keep about 3 months on my laptop hard drive) were also unaffected.

So I reinstalled PL — no change.

Then I manually removed everything to make a brand new install, figuring the new install would force a re-indexing and all would be well.

Now I can’t open any files at all in PL to edit them. They’re there, they’re visible in thumbnail, but no metadata is read in PL, and trying to Customise doesn’t open the file to edit.

DxO FP opens them fine, as do other graphics apps. The metadata is all there in ‘Canon Digital Photo Professional’, so there’s nothing wrong with the files themselves.

But I can’t edit.

I’ll put in a Support Ticket as well. But I’m rather regretting not waiting a while to upgrade …

Apparently I had a corrupt v4 database. All good now thanks to support and an updated v5.